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When You Haven’t Slept in 4 Nights…

We go through seasons with Abi’s sleep. Sometimes we hit a groove where we’re sleeping through the night and every evening is a breeze. We are not in one of those seasons. For the last 4 nights I’ve been brought […]

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Abi’s Sunflowers

Last Easter Abi planted sunflower seeds on the side of our barn with my mother (her Nonny). For three months we went out everyday and taught Abi how to water her seeds. We all loved seeing how tall the flowers were growing. Eventually […]

arts and crafts with mark

Painting Pumpkins

Every fall we paint pumpkins. This year Abi chose lots of pearly pink and loads of gold glitter. These pumpkins were dressed to impress. I let her choose the colors by using the eye gaze method (holding two colors in front of her […]

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parking decal

This Little Parking Decal

ARCHIVED POST FROM A YEAR OR MORE AGO THAT I NEVER PUBLISHED… Every single time I pull into a large hospital parking garage, or packed lot, I am so thankful for my parking decal. If there’s another spot nearby that I know my […]

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Abi’s First Field Trip (and I didn’t go.)

Abi had her first field trip last Friday. We were all excited and holding our breath. Sometimes Abi has a hard time in new environments. The best we can tell, it is related to a depth perception issue. In darker […]

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The Dreaded 1st Dentist Visit

Abi has always had phenomenal teeth. They are bright, have good spacing, and are super healthy. However, lately, there has been a build up of tartar that was hard to get off and her gums were getting more and more […]

minor to major

When Minor Feels Major…

The past few weeks we’ve dealt with a few minor health issues with Abi.  When you’re the parent of a child with unique health needs however, “minor” can very quickly feel “major.” For example, Abi has been dealing with pollen allergies. This is […]

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Abi feeding tube and feeding therapy

Feeding Tubes and Where We are with Abi’s Eating

To say my daughter is a fighter is an understatement. And yet, every “battle” she has faced she has done so with enormous courage and more often than not, genuine excitement. Her warrior spirit is in her smile, her enthusiasm, […]

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Who You Are

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.” ― E.E. […]

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Map of Educational Resources for Kids with Special Needs

Wrightslaw, a website dedicated to special education law and advocacy, has put together a “Yellow Pages for Kids” for families of children with special needs. The resources are categorized by state and can be accessed HERE via a map of […]