• Feeding Tubes!

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    It’s Feeding Tube Awareness Week! Woohoo! I love this week. Over on my Instagram I’ve posted a few IG Stories on how our tube works, what formula we use, homemade blended diet book, etc. But since those will disappear after […]

  • 100 Years of Abi

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    Last week, the kids went to school dressed as 100 year olds to celebrate their 100th day of kindergarten. I got a wig off Amazon and sewed the hole shut in the back to make it fit Abi’s head better. […]

  • The Time I Cut My Finger Off.

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    THIS IS AN EDITED ARCHIVED POST FROM a BLOG I HAD in 2011. The time I cut my finger off, I looked something like this:   Coincidentally, I had just broken my arm falling off of a crazy “on-the-loose” mule… but that’s […]

  • Oh Christmas Tree

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    Well it’s officially Christmas time ’round these parts. We got our tree up, our gifts bought (most of them anyhow), and I’ll begin the wrapping venture soon enough. This year we put the tree in a different part of the […]

  • Switching the G-Tube Button On Your Own

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    Many moons ago, when we first got the g-tube (a “button” surgically implanted in Abi’s stomach that eliminates the need for a tube going through the nose and down the esophagus – and instead provides a port for you to connect […]

KixFriction: Awesome Soccer Balls for Adaptive PE!

I was lucky enough to receive two of these KixFriction balls this past fall and I’ve been really impressed. While this ball can certainly be used for typical training purposes, it can also serve as a really unique tool for adaptive PE classes. First, the KixFriction ball has rubber fins that cause it to roll at a slower pace.  This […]

Sciatic Nerve Damage? Dislocated Hip? Tight Muscles? Dealing with Unidentified Sources of Pain When Your Child is Non-Verbal

There’s nothing easy about unravelling illnesses or unknown sources of pain when your child has communication challenges. When a question like “What hurts?” is off the table- you become a master detective on a major mission. Every breath is a […]