Feeding Freedom: Feeding Pump to Gravity Bolus Feeds (ARCHIVED POST)


Last week was a very, VERY happy week because we got our first feed in with the help of a syringe and gravity- not the pump.  This means I can now attach the feeding tube to Abiella’s button on her stomach with an open syringe attached to the end. I pour the formula into the syringe and let gravity do the work. If it goes to0 fast, I simply tilt the syringe and the formula flows at a slower speed.  Boom. Easy.  Fast.  The pump, (which allowed the food to insert her belly at a slower rate) took 3 times as long and required bags, an IV pole, etc, etc, etc… Long story short, the first successful feed with the syringe was a HUGE deal in our house. Like a REALLY huge deal. No pump means no 20 minute setup time, no iv pole, no bags… SWEET FREEDOM!!!!!

 Then on Thursday, Abi’s nutritionist gave us a higher calorie formula to start using. She suggested we devote three days to transition Abi to the new food while simultaneously increasing her day feeds and getting her off of the night feeds. A pretty tall (but exciting) order. We decided the weekend was a perfect time to do this and other than two minor vomiting episodes it went really well…

Saturday we needed to have a pretty low-key day while Abi’s stomach got used to the new situation… So, it was deemed a “palette day.”  Few things are better than a good palette. Sidenote: I’ve discovered that some of my friends didn’t use this term growing up. I’m not talking about a wooden palette.  I’m talking about a stack of blankets and cozy pillows that you lay on in the middle of a living room floor… we used to make them during sleepovers, or if you were sick and wanted to be in the living room by the fire, or if you just wanted to stretch out for a Saturday in front of the TV.  Pallets are THE. BEST. and the best place to take a nap. Hands down.


By the afternoon, Abi was feeling good and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather.


I was getting serious cabin fever, so 55 degrees and sunny was nothing short of a miracle. (It’s now 28 degrees as I type this… warm weather come back!)


By Saturday night we had successfully increased all of Abiella’s day feeds, so she went to bed withOUT the pump. Oh my gosh- what a feeling.  We just tucked her into bed… no cord attached to her belly… no worries she would roll over and snap the entire button out of her stomach… no 30 minutes setting up the pump, no cleaning the bag, no priming the tubes… just a book, prayers, and tucking her in.  SO. NICE.

Oh sweet freedom!  As I type this I’m staring at the massive IV pole hanging beside her bed… I think I’ll move that sucker to the garage today.  Forward motion!  Woohoo!!!