Making the new ‘normal’ normal (ARCHIVED POST)


For the past 3 months my mind has been running at top speed… mL, feeding tubes, nitric oxide, granulation, timers, pumps, rate/hr, adoption post-visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, stretching techniques, sensory input skills, feeding therapy, aspirating vs. normal cough, new hair care routine, appointment, appointment, mL, 15 oz of water, extensions, bolus, night feeds, no night feeds, meds, meds, appointment, appointment, vaccine, meds, appointment, etc.



Anything outside of these parameters takes a great deal of effort to address… laundry, checking my email, dusting the house, eating breakfast… these things are barely on my radar and I have to really concentrate to put them there.  I HOPE we are nearing a stage where things settle… and the “normal” becomes “normal.”

You may remember how well we were doing with Abi’s feeding… we still are… however the past few days she has vomited a number of times.  The nutritionist feels it’s due to a virus (even though she feels great and has no fever) since she had been tolerating the new routine/formula for almost a week before vomiting started… I want to believe that’s the case since the new routine was rocking my world.  (In a good way.)  Abi’s pediatrician wasn’t very concerned yesterday, but if it continues she wants to address it- since Abi can’t afford to miss many calories. Sooo, I’m on day 2 of pedialyte and just a little formula… we’ll see how that goes.  Hopefully it will go great and the virus or whatever is gone!  Please, Lord?

Right now Abi should be napping, but I see on the monitor that she’s smiling, staring at her stuffed animals and “talking.”  Oh this girl’s a rock star.

Being behind on laundry, emails, etc. really messes with my mojo. I like to be a super organized, ‘I’ve got pretty-much-everything-in-control’ type of gal and having two weeks’ worth of laundry on my bedroom floor is a good way to make me feel “off.” Due to the vomiting I was able to avoid going to the hospital for our nutrition appointment today and instead had the meeting over the phone… this means I have all day to snuggle up… perhaps order Dominos- again- (Don’t judge- I eat all organic MOST of the time- can you tell I’m arguing with myself here?) and get things IN ORDER.  Step 1: Laundry.  Step 2: Check / organize email. I literally have 2,276 emails in my inbox.  Oh wow.

BY the end of today I hope to have a vomit free baby, an empty hamper, and an organized inbox… It’s an ambitious dream…

But, here we go.

PS: There’s a very special little boy on my radar who needs a family!  Considering adoption? Know somebody who is?  I’ll be posting about him ASAP- so check back soon to learn more about this precious child!! (UPDATE: THIS LITTLE BOY WAS ADOPTED AND IS NOW THE HAPPY BROTHER TO MANY OTHER SIBLINGS.)