Car Seat for Individuals with Special Needs : Our Experience with the Spirit APS

car seat 1The Spirit APS car seat has been an enormous blessing to us. Abi was previously in a commercial seat, crossing her long legs to sit rear-facing. Over the course of a year we had been denied by insurance many times for the seat Abi needed. Then out of the blue a friend called before Christmas and said “I have good news! I have the car seat you’ve been wanting!” A mama she is friends with had gotten a wheelchair accessible van for her child and generously decided to give us the car seat they didn’t need anymore- the exact model we needed! 2 hours later it was at my house. It was professionally installed the day before we left to drive 19 hours throughout the holidays!

I nearly cried driving to  pick up Sean at the airport with Abi in her new seat for the first time. She was looking forward! She was staring out the window! She was happy!  Abiella loved every second of the holiday travels and never got got upset the entire time! Now she can stretch her legs and sit up tall! It’s incredible. Thankful for the power of good equipment, thoughtful friends, and generous mamas!!!


PS- According to this website, the Spirit APS, “is designed for users between 25-130lbs., and up to 66 inches in height. It comes standard with features such as soft-padded head support, low profile sides to make transfers of passengers easier, plush machine-washable upholstery, 5-point harness for safety and a recline bar to provide optional recline (tilt). Also, installation is made easier as the vehicle shoulder belt can be used as the tether in most installations” (Columbia Medical, 2010).