Puppy Love


Arthur and AbiArthur has always been a territorial little chap. When we first got him, Sean was on tour a lot and it took him a YEAR to even go up to Sean without suspicion. Arthur would run to me, sit by my side, and on occasion growl if someone got too close. So when Abi was about to come home we got a little nervous. We figured our other dog Sarah (fierce angel dog) would be fine, but Arthur was a wild card. I started taking a baby doll with me and sitting it next to me on the couch, telling him one day “It would be real and he needed to be comfortable.”

Well to our surprise, there was zero territorial issues at all. In fact, I think Arthur took it upon himself to take care of Abi.  As Sean puts it, it’s like Arthur said “Okay guys- we’ve got a job to do. Let’s raise this child.” He meets her every morning like this, kisses her cheeks, insists on sleeping under her bed each night, and he will climb up on the couch and lay head to head with her when she’s in my lap.

The love is certainly mutual. Abi will squirm out of my lap to lean closer to Arthur, she will laugh when he snuggles with her, and she squeals when she hears the dogs run in from outside every evening.

These two… so much love.