Abi’s Experience with the KidWalk


kid walk Abi was the lucky recipient of this sparkly pink kidwalk when it was graciously donated to Full Circle Therapy by a previous user. We were so excited and crazy pumped that it was pink and glittery 🙂 So far, Abi has used this piece to stand independently and push backwards. Although Abi kicks like crazy when she’s on her back, forward motion has been a challenge so far. One thing the KidWalk offers Abi that her stander does not, is the ability to feel her own feet on the ground and to push off with her legs. She loves listening to music or watching television in her stander. She will push up with her legs and straighten her torso. I often put a pillow (or as shown in the above picture- a plush doll) behind her head so she doesn’t hit the back piece if she flings her head backwards.

Here she is watching Bruno Mars perform Uptown Funk on The Ellen Show for the 100th time.


It’s a little cumbersome for me to get her into it, but once we are in we’re good. Abi also has a kidwalk they use at school for her. (Provided by the school system.) Cheers to the KidWalk and the amazing people who donated this piece! We love it!

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The KidWalk “allows children to independently explore their environment via self-initiated movement” (Primeenginerring.com, 2014).