Painting Pumpkins

arts and crafts with mark

Every fall we paint pumpkins. This year Abi chose lots of pearly pink and loads of gold glitter. These pumpkins were dressed to impress. I let her choose the colors by using the eye gaze method (holding two colors in front of her and asking her to look at the one she wanted) or by saying a color’s name, while showing her the bottle, and seeing if she responded verbally in a positive way (a laugh, a happy sigh, etc). Once we chose the colors, I helped her grip the paintbrush and then we used hand over hand method to paint. I let her guide the brush with her own movement and I just gently held her hand in the direction of the pumpkin. This is how we do most of our paintings. (Other ways include stamping, folding, and painting with a ziplock bag. I’ll post some of those ways soon.) I think the best part of this year’s festivities was shaking the massive amounts of glitter onto the freshly painted pumpkins. Maybe next year we’ll do all glitter and modgepodge.

As I type this, 8 weeks later, one pumpkin has gone on to pumpkin heaven (rest in peace) and the other is holding strong, as firm as the day we got her. She’s currently sitting on our front stoop next to a lit up Christmas tree. Two years ago they lasted until February. Crazy.

Happy holidays friends!