Snowy Days and Winter Wonderland

art with abi

I took this picture almost exactly two years ago and I love it so much. Our family had just stayed with us  (13 people in all) filling up every bed in the house for 4 days. It had been a whirlwind week of presents, delicious food, late night games, and so much laughing my sides were sore. And to top it all off, our first nephew (and Abi’s first cousin) was a newborn! Between her and Henry there were TWO KIDS in the house! Crazy. It was a truly magical week and I loved every second.

I took this picture in the hours after they left. All of a sudden the house seemed so quiet and the holiday blues were hitting hard. Then, unexpectedly snow started to fall outside. The surprise flakes blew my mind because I’ve always been obsessed with weather and I follow the forecast like it’s my job. Somehow in the whirlwind of the week I had never heard it was coming. The surprise was enough to heighten my spirits, boost me out of the slumps, and throw me into the magic of the season’s first snow.

Abi and I spent the afternoon cozy in the den, painting at the table, watching the snow fall outside, and warming up by the fire. Abi was one week away from starting school for the first time and we had so many mysteries and excitement ahead.

Now , two years later, our last holiday hoorah wrapped up yesterday. (A surprise weekend visit from our brother and sister- after seeing them just two weeks earlier at the beach is a major win). After a lazy Sunday morning lounging in the living room with coffee, James and Meredith hit the highway and we cleaned up all the Christmas decorations and took our beloved tree out back. Last night Sean and I began looking at the new year and what do you know… the season’s first snow is on its way.

This Wednesday I hope to be back in that room, watching the flakes come down, and painting pictures with my girl…same chair, same window, two years older, and 6 months away from COMPLETING preschool and moving into the realms of kindergarten. Who knows… maybe we’ll paint some pictures for one of her THREE cousins. (Harpin and Benjamin joined us last year.)

Wow. Time sure does fly and man it has been good to us.

Cheers to new seasons and wintry magic…

Mary Susan