Heck Yes SNOW!

I am obsessed with the weather. I’m always checking the temperature, memorizing the 7 day forecast, and preparing for what’s to come. My favorite local celebrity (and I live where a lot of celebrities live) is our city’s meteorologist. I’ve watched her since she announced that I was out of school… I was still watching her when she announced that I was out of work (as a teacher)… and now she announces when my DAUGHTER is out of school. And yet, she looks the exact same. Three cheers for Lisa Patton (Love you LP!).

Anyhow, winter is my very favorite because an event is always around the corner. I obsess over the fronts to come, what the temperature will be, how that will affect the roads and what that will do to our schedule. As a kid I lived on a working horse farm. A weather event meant making sure all the animals were safe, the horses were in, their water wasn’t frozen, the pipes didn’t bust and the well-house didn’t freeze. It was a big job but I remember the electric energy running through my veins as we would put on our snow gear and make sure all was alright. It didn’t matter if it was 11pm on a school night- if the well-house needed a heater in it or the horses needed to come in- you just did it… as quickly as possible.  We had a weather radio on at all times and were always prepared to move when we needed to. Today, I’ve got the same energy.  I make sure the water is dripping, I hunker down like a squirrel for winter, and if I could fill my crawl space with canned goods I would. (Actually… I could do that… but I don’t – so ignore that last statement.)

Given my obsession with weather, today was an epic event in my book and I’m still pretty buzzed about it. Yesterday afternoon Sean said “Wanna go on a date?” and when our amazing babysitter said, “no problem” I ran around getting all my errands done at lightning speed. By 7:30, Sean and I were at our favorite restaurant a few miles down the road, toasting to the storm to come, and sinking our teeth into some mighty fine food. Nothing prepares your belly for a snowstorm like a little whiskey and some grilled octopus, am I right? (Seriously- give octopus a try. Delicious.)

On our way home we ran into Publix and divided and conquered… just in case.

Good thing-

In the darkness of the early morning Sean woke me up to tell me that Abi’s neurologists’ nurse had just called to tell us that our 8am appointment was canceled due to what was happening outside… “It’s already sleeting.” WHAT?! I looked at the weather and sure enough the temperatures had dropped faster than predicted and the snow was here. 8 hours ahead of predictions.

I lay there in bed saying, “I KNEW the temperature would drop faster. Didn’t you feel it last night? Oh my gosh- this is going to be big.” Sean was asleep already, the house was still dark, and Abi was still dreaming. But I was now wide awake. I kept checking reports and at one point I even tiptoed down the hall to the front to look outside and see what was happening.


Eventually I made myself lay down and go back to sleep.

A few hours later I woke up to this:

abi and sean snow

Talk about a snowy morning. That was just the beginning.

We watched it come down all. day. long.

We tried to get out in it but Abi was NOT digging the cold flakes and wind blowing on her face (I can’t blame her) and so we headed back inside to stay warm and enjoy a day out of school and doctor’s appointments.

Eventually I decided if Abi couldn’t be outside with the snow, I would bring the snow to her… Snowcream for the win!

Abi sc

Snow plus sugar plus sprinkles equals pure magic. Even I was excited to have a few spoonfuls. (Abi’s working on eating in feeding therapy each week and this new cold texture that melted immediately was a new thing for her. After the first bite I think she dug it.) Here she’s really excited about Arthur howling more than she was about the bite… (see him near my leg). If he howls, she howls.

What a day. Now we have inches upon inches of snow, it’s crazy cold outside, but we are good and warm and I’m about to go turn on the faucets again. Mama’s got to keep this water moving.

G’Night friends!