Abi’s Blue Chair: Household Seating for Individuals w/ Special Needs- Our Experience w/ the Keba Seat

Abi’s blue chair is a small miracle.  I had been hoping to find a safe, easy, comfortable chair that would allow Abi the freedom to sit up, provide good positioning, allow her to relax outside of the tight straps of her wheelchair and corner chair AND also be a quick option for me.  She tolerates her wheelchair and corner chair for a few hours at a time but after that our only option was the stander or kidwalk (AWESOME OPTIONS) but they didn’t provide a solution for when our girl was tired and her muscles needed a break. The result was she was spending more time on a comfy pallet of blankets on the floor than I would like.

In the past, her tumbleform chair was a perfect solution, but her strong legs had grown so tall that she could easily push it back and topple over. If I placed a barrier behind her she could push off to the side and topple that way. It was no longer an option when I wasn’t in the room. I even considered drilling a harness into our couch and giving her a corner spot, but I was afraid the positioning wouldn’t be ideal. My wheels were constantly turning when without any warning, this beauty showed up at our door on Abi’s birthday last year.

Abi in Blue Therapy Chair

Having no idea that we were even searching for a chair, Sean’s mom, Abi’s “Nana Baa”, saw it on the internet and thought it would be a good fit. INCREDIBLE! It’s light weight- but sturdy. It gives Abi great positioning without having to work too hard for it. She can stay in that position for up to an hour or more and while Abi can slide down, it is by choice. The biggest plus is that it travels easy and allows her a way to sit independently at friends’ houses without  having to maneuver a home that isn’t wheelchair accessible. Add a regular sized tv tray and you’ve got a desk!! It’s a real winner!!

Abi's blue chair and cuz's

(This particular chair is from TFH Special Needs Toys and is called the “Keba Seat”.)

We are in love with this seat and use it everyday. Thanks Nana Baa!

PS: Another plus is that she can grow into it nicely. The first picture and the second picture in this post were taken one year apart. You can see how her head is higher off the top in the second pic. The chair’s advertisement shows a child sitting where his arms sit on the top of the chair. He is probably twice the size of Abi.