Anatomy of a Weekend: Ambulances, Dislocated Hips, Girls Night, & Mary Tyler Moore.

This weekend came in strong, got a little crazy, calmed down a bit, and left me totally exhausted. I will say, however, that I haven’t felt this much GRATITUDE in a while… That kind of thankfulness you feel deep in your chest- the kind that keeps you shaking your head and saying “wow.

Friday night, two of my closest friends from college came over. In pajama pants we celebrated my friend Holly’s bday with good drinks, delivery pizza, and dark chocolate cupcakes. I highly recommend this.

Saturday, Abi and I enjoyed a low-key day… listening to music, playing with toys, and thoroughly enjoying the whole zero obligations thang. By Saturday night I had rediscovered my deep and loyal love for The Mary Tyler Moore Show and in the dark living room with nothing but the fire on, Abi and I watched episode after episode laughing all the way through. Have you seen the one with the “ugly green dress?” Gold.

An hour or so later Abi was looking sleepy so I carefully brought her to her bed, pulled the covers back, and rolled her to her side (as I always do). That’s when I heard it- a “pop” located in her left hip. Abi’s face immediately changed and seconds later she was crying with an intensity I had never seen. Knowing that this hip was already having troubles and possibly dislocated (our PT had looked at it Thursday and I already had a request in to see orthopedics at Vanderbilt) I immediately thought- well that’s it. Something has officially gone wrong. Every time I even touched it, she went nuts. I had truly never seen her in this much pain. I knew we needed to get to the ER but there was no way for me to get her there. I had no idea what had happened and I wasn’t about to try to strap my screaming child upright in a car seat when her hip was the issue.

So I called 911. It’s a long story but within minutes they were pulling in my drive. I met them on the front steps to quickly explain to them that she was nonverbal but that she COULD UNDERSTAND THEM and I didn’t want her to be scared. By the time they got in the living room she had calmed down. She was even smiling a little. (?!?!?) They stayed with me and even brought the stretcher in just in case. This crew – 2 women and 6 or so men (the paramedics and the fire department showed) were absolute life givers. They sat with me, were extremely respectful to Abi, speaking to her as a 5 year old (not an infant), and were so understanding. They told me I was right to call and they helped me feel her hips. When we tried to check Abi’s pain level (by me presenting her with a toy that always lights her up) she smiled and we were all so happy. Once she wasn’t showing any signs of pain- I decided to stay home and go with our original plan… wait to see the specialist. They were extremely kind and said they were 5 minutes away and could come back if I changed my mind. Before they left they asked how I was doing. I can’t tell you how great they were. Cheers to you paramedics and firefighters. You are such life givers in the hard moments. 

While we were finishing up paperwork, I texted Sean to let him know all was well and that we wouldn’t be going to the hospital. As soon as they left I called him on the phone and then texted girlfriends here in town. They all said they could come be with me. They began talking about taking shifts, and arranging for childcare (with one another), and leaving work to come. I definitely cried. Thankfully, I didn’t need them though because my mom was on her way – driving an hour and a half (!) – to come stay with us and make sure the night went well.  Incredible.

During that time I called our  physical therapist to go over what happened and see if she agreed with my decision to stay. Because she is insanely amazing, she told me “Let me just come over and check her out.” Wow. I called her at 9:00pm on a Saturday night and she dropped everything and was at my house in minutes.

She examined Abi and it appeared that she was in no pain. At all. She was happy and smiling and even began to kick. This doesn’t mean something isn’t right- it just means she’s not feeling pain from it. (Thank God.) Her legs are about an inch and a half off (one is longer than the other) and it’s certain something is different. I was so thankful she checked her out and I was able to rest easy knowing A) she was just down the road and B) Abi seemed to be doing well.

So – alas- that brings me to this morning (it’s Sunday). Abi continued to do well- and we made a day out of watching old Super Bowl half time shows. Her favorite is either Katy Perry or Bruno Mars, but then again I haven’t shown her Michael Jackson’s yet- so her opinion is bound to change. (#BillieJean #Black or White #1993 #itcannevergetbetterthanthat) Right now, as I type this, she is supposed to be sleeping- but instead she is laughing and kicking in her bed. (AHHH!)

Before my mom left today, we managed to get her in her carseat and her wheelchair – and she did great. I talked to my dear friend Alison who has been in the same boat with her daughter a few times and she gave me some great advice.  Looks like the plan is to speak with her doc at Vanderbilt Monday morning and most likely wait to see the specialist and go from there.

We’re praying for no surgery. 

All that to say- cheers to these amazing kiddos that tough it out and show us how to handle dark moments. Cheers to all the helpers who show up and put their heart on their sleeve. A few paramedics even plopped down beside Abi telling her how pretty she was and jamming to her music with her. Cheers to the therapists and friends and family who go above and beyond. I am so thankful.

This morning I asked Abi if she enjoyed having 6 firemen in the house telling her how pretty she was. She just looked at me sideways, smiled, and laughed.  Girl knows what’s up.

So that’s that. May this week bring us some answers and continued comfort- and to all my mama (and dad) friends out there who have already walked this road with your kids, I’ll be calling you…