Here We Go…

Parenting in general is a scary endeavor, and parenting a child with special needs comes with its own unique set of challenges. This week I dealt with hip dislocation for the first time. Saturday night, I had to call an ambulance. The whole evening turned out much better than expected, but that event officially thrust us headfirst into the “hurt hips arena” that I was so hoping to avoid.

All of our friends with CP have had hip troubles, most of them having had at least one surgery by now. Truth is, I was really planning on skipping this part- but as it turns out-I can’t tell Abi’s bones how to grow. Part of me even wondered if the xrays would show a brighter situation than anticipated, but alas the hips don’t lie. (#shakirashakira).

So here we are- a little earlier than I expected.

Because of the event Saturday night, I was able to get an appointment with an orthopedic pediatric surgeon within 48 hours. (AMAZING.) I had already heard good things about a specific doctor and when I requested to have a referral to his office I was grateful they could fit us in so soon. Today we met him for the first time and wow- I feel remarkably good about our choice. The road for Abi’s hips will be a journey. We will have big decisions to make. And yet, after leaving the office I’m feeling much, much better. I will never take living 30 minutes away from one of the world’s best children’s hospitals for granted. 

Also… between x-rays, the nurse consult, the very generous amount of time the doctor gave us, and the time with the scheduling coordintaor… the whole appointment took 2 and a half hours.

Abi rocked it the ENTIRE time listening to her headphones. Her artists du jour were Adele, Mother Goose Club, and Cali Swag District. I’m serious. Despite the hip situation, she can still do her version of the dougie… fiercely. 

This is her “I’m feeling the beat and I’m two seconds away from busting a SERIOUS move” face. abi headphones

And she did.

Her other favorite is Adele’s “Send My Love to Your Next Lover”. When Adele casually speaks into the mic at the very beginning of the song with her briliiant British accent , “Just the guitar, okay cool.” Abi leans back, takes a deep breath, listens to make sure she’s not dreaming and then squeals. Girls got taste.  

Peace Friends