Slow Snowy Days: Candy, Colds, and Everything Nice

The past few days have been easy and slow. Sean and I took Abi to the neurologist Monday morning and as we drove back  snowflakes started to fall. I was giddy. Snow is so magical. It’s like it bounces down from the ether and magically summons the little kid in each of us to swim to the surface, take a look around, and get some fresh air.

Tennesseans slow down in the snow. We cancel things. We take the news seriously when they say, “The roads are bad; stay home if you can.” Personally, I like to stay in my pajamas and drink coffee until noon. I accept the universe’s gift of an unexpected little vacation with open arms. While it hasn’t been a ton of accumulation- it’s been just enough to cover the ground and cause the roads to freeze. For those shaking their heads and saying, “They overreact…”, Sean got out Tuesday morning and slid all the way down a hill on our street and past two cars that were already in the ditch. If it’s frozen, it’s frozen. Doesn’t matter if it’s half an inch or a foot. For those of us living in the country, the salt will come. But it may not come immediately. Until then, my feet are planted right here. In my fuzzy slippers.  I’ll take it. 

(For medical professionals, first responders, law enforcement, and everyone else who can’t take off on a snow day- I’m sorry. Also, THANK YOU. On the same note, to the parents who are hunkered down with children who have grown bored of the snow, are restless in the house, and getting antsy with cabin fever… I tip my hat to you and raise my glass. The snow will melt. Until then, God speed.)

Over these snowy days Abi got an outrageous cold that really flared up fast and came in strong. Congestion is not the easiest thing for kids who have a history of aspiration- but luckily Abi has a strong cough and manages it well. I was, however, desperate for some medicine. So as soon as the roads looked fairly decent, I ordered Amazon Prime Now (2 hour free delivery) to deliver meds for Abi and a stash of Valentine’s Day candy for me. #necessities. An hour and a half later the delivery man was here. He got stuck in our yard for about 2 seconds but managed to get out just fine.

Now I’m 6 mini candy bars deep and Abi’s breathing through her nose again. So today was basically a major win.

Charge on Friends. Stay Warm.

PS. The past two days Abi and I have been working on a super fun new skill… Playing iPad games by activating the screen with her cheek! It’s a really big deal and She. Is. LOVING. IT. Yesterday she played independently laughing for almost 2 hours. More on that soon. I’m so excited I’m jittery.