Tales from 2am

It’s 2 am.

An hour ago I finished an assignment and turned it in. Abi has meds due in 15 minutes so in the meantime I’m letting the caffeine wear off, and the joy of being done with one more assignment settle in. These quiet hours when the world is asleep and the house is so quiet are my favorite. At 11pm I took a nap (because exhaustion is real and it was time) and thirty minutes later I was up, lights back on, kicking back some caffeine and typing as fast as possible. Thankfully tomorrow Abi does not have school (Presidents Day) so we can go easy on the morning and roll into the day. Some folks dread Mondays but I love them. Mondays mean that Sunday night assignments are over and I can relax and take it slllloooowww.

Alright. Off to go give meds… and apparently let the dogs out to go to the bathroom… Sarah’s pacing.  This is going to be cold…

G-Night Friends. (Or G-Morning?)

Mary Susan