The Sleeping Sitch

My child is sleeping and it’s only 10:49 pm. This is a major victory- ESPECIALLY considering it’s Friday night which means tomorrow we sleep in.

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Even though Abi parties hard until the 11th hour, she’s typically a pretty good sleeper. It’s common for kids with special needs (of varying types) to have sleep issues, and truthfully I consider our slumber sitch a pretty generous one.

While the doctors have given us the go ahead to use melatonin if need be, it’s suspected that it won’t make her sleep LONGER, it will just help her fall asleep earlier. So if her average sleep is 8 hours long, falling asleep at even 9 o’clock would have her awake before dawn… which is not a great plan for me.

Abi will cozy up to her stuffed animals, kick, laugh, and stay up for hours after we say goodnight. So alas the 8:30 in bed, 11 o’clock we fall asleep routine is where we are at.

When other mothers complain that their child was up until 8:30 (gasp!) I’m like..

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In all seriousness though, Abi does sleep well and for that I am grateful. We do have to sleep with a monitor by the bed and I probably go in her room 2 or 3 times a night to reposition her. Sometimes her legs get twisted and other times we need to prop her head up to combat sleep apnea. Occasionally she has stomach pains which can be alleviated by venting her with the feeding tube. Normally, there’s at least one night a week that I’m up for about half the night going in to help her sleep for various reasons. But the other six nights are pretty good. Last night she was squirming and when I went in to check on her she had kicked all of her covers off and she was shivering. Oh my. At least she was still asleep while I covered her back up and pumped up the heat to a blazing 70 degrees. She slept fine after that.

To the parents who get zero sleep: I really don’t know how you do it. I truly hope you get respite to come and let you nap.

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(Friends who have friends who don’t get sleep- The best gift you can give them  is a simple 2 hour babysitting gig so they can go sleep. Just go hang with the kids, bring a movie if you have to, tell mom you will come get her if something goes terribly wrong, but other than that, y’all will surive. Then demand that she goes and takes a nap… OR takes a bath… or (trumpets blaring) BOTH.)

To the parents who get tons of sleep: Count your lucky stars friends. Count your lucky stars.

On that note-