For the Love of Winter

Winter is my absolute favorite season. It’s cold, it’s exciting (SNOW!), and since we Tennesseans take our icy roads seriously, it’s full of unexpected vacation days. The colder and rainier, the better. I like fires and warm houses and fuzzy pajamas and the whole bit. Around this time every year though it dawns on me that winter will be leaving soon, and the pain is real.

Hibernation is almost over?? Say it ain’t so. 

giphy (9)

But then, to my surprise (you would think I could predict this about myself by now) the first signs of spring show up and I become giddy with possibilities.

I’m like a bear climbing out of his den and reacquainting itself with its habitat. Hello Porch! I’VE MISSED YOU! Patio! I can’t wait to have a campfire! Hi GRILL! Let’s fire up some veggies and grab a few cold ones.

giphy (10)

The most exciting venture of every year though is the garden. I love having fresh food and wildflowers.  It’s so satisfying. There have been some years where our garden produced crazy amounts of food, and other years that it barely birthed a single tomato. We’re learning.  Point is, the first few weeks of planning our plot, breaking ground, and planting seeds is so good for the soul.

Also, last year’s major success of the ever-expanding 99 cent packet of wildflower seeds from the Dollar Store was a game changer (it was unreal). This year I’m going to multiply that effort ten-fold. Just call me Big-Spenda.

Alright…Although it’s still frigid at night, it’s 60 degrees two days this week (WHAT?!). So I’m brushing off the old gardening books, opening the windows, and beginning to research about pygme goats (it’s on the table.) Regardless, I still have hope for one more snow. First week of March. I’m feeling it.