Swings for Individuals with Special Needs: Abi’s Experience w/ the Full Support Swing Seat

After I realized Abi liked swinging at school I knew I wanted to get one at home. We found this swing through TFH website. It was fairly simple to install and has been an amazing addition to our porch. The swing comes in 3 sizes: Child, Teen, and Adult. TFH also sells swing frames for the backyard. As far as special needs equipment goes, this was exceptionally affordable.  It serves as an awesome “big toy” for Abi and it’s so nice to spend time on the porch pushing her swing and listening to good music 🙂 During installation you can tilt it back to any angle you need it to, which is super awesome for our friends with low neck control. Unless her legs begin to cramp (something that happens occasionally) she can be in the swing comfortably for 30 to 45 minutes at a time!

tfs swing

We normally put a blanket or a small soft neck brace on either side of her head just to provide some additional support. I’m considering fashioning some sort of pillow that can stay on permanently for added comfort. Overall, this swing has been awesome for our girl and I can’t wait for her to get back in it as soon as it warms up!