Sunday Night Papers & Midnight Pots of Coffee…


My Sunday nights have become a race against time, a third cup of coffee, and a countdown to 2am when my doctoral papers are due. Thankful for the time difference, 12am at my school’s headquarters is 2am here. A mere 5 and a half hours before I have to get up and start over, but alas, this is the only way I operate. I’ve told people before that a rare stroke of genius comes over me in the 11th hour and unfortunately, I wasn’t lying. Although my actions may not agree, I don’t believe I’m a true procrastinator. Instead, I am a harvester of the best fruit. My best fruit comes when the pressure’s on and time is slipping. I wake the next day, shocked to see the words I’ve strung together, the resources I found, and the solid APA formatting I somehow managed. Many times reading my work is like reading a stranger’s. I laugh at how good I feel about it and how ridiculous it is that it crawled out of me 3 hours before dawn.

All that to say, right now, it’s Sunday night at 10:30pm and I’m gearing up for a solid night of writing. Abi is still awake (this is not unusual), and once she’s out I will be off to the races. (I can focus better on the research when I know she’s asleep- so for now, I’ll keep blogging and pour myself a double iced coffee.)

iced coffee

… and what do you know… she’s asleep.

See you on the flip side friends.