Flowers and Fires

Despite my deep love for winter, I am thoroughly enjoying the early signs of spring. Tennessee has been hovering in that golden spot right between light jacket and flying insect season and I have been loving it. The other night I was taking the trash out (around 10pm) and when I walked outside I could hear a live St. Patty’s Day outdoor concert happening somewhere beyond the farm behind our house. I grabbed a cold drink and planted by body right there on the porch. Dogs, blanket, lights, and some good ole Johnny Cash. It was the best.

In the past few weeks we’ve gone to the creek multiple times (one day the water was so low we were able to get Abi’s wheelchair down on the rocks-which was a blast), the buttercups have bloomed (YES) and the perennials I planted last summer are starting to show signs of life.

FullSizeRender (2)

We’ve had 5 or more campfires outside and we all officially smell like smoke. (Even though Abi’s teacher says, they actually DO like their classroom to smell like a campfire, Abi’s wheelchair is on the porch right now airing out with some febreeze.) IMG_41281

For as much as I love winter, it’s been really nice being outdoors and watching everything come back out of hibernation.  Except for the wasps- I could do without those. Today I’m shipping some treasures from the vintage jewelry store I own with my mother- and then I’m off to go grab some plants for the porch. Planting season is upon us and the veggie garden will be thriving before we know it! Whoop! Whoop!