Abi’s First Time Riding a Horse- A Miraculous Moment


This week I had the unbelievable honor of watching Abiella ride a HORSE!!! Yep, she did it and she L-O-V-E-D it. Like mama like daughter! I grew up riding horses so to see my daughter on one for the first time was especially emotional- but even more than that was the huge wave of reality that came over me while I was standing there cheering her on.  Just 10 months ago Abiella was confined to a crib in a large government orphanage. There were so many children in there and such low funding. When I inquired about her cough during our first visit, the orphanage nurse told me point blank: “These babies are on their back 22 hours a day, they’re going to develop a cough.” To remember the child I first held, who appeared partially blind, almost completely deaf, and little to no movement in her limbs… To the child I see today… kicking, laughing, SEEING, HEARING, communicating in her own way, and now RIDING A HORSE. It is a miracle.

Abiella horse (1)

It was truly one of those incredible “I can’t believe what I’m seeing” hit-you-in-your-chest, REAL, life moments. My cheeks are still sore from smiling 🙂 She will be riding once a week and I can’t wait until next time!

Happy Thursday from one grateful mama!