The Search for Lounge-worthy Seating for Abi

A few months ago I wrote about Abi’s glorious blue chair (truly an amazing piece) and her beloved corner chair (again- what a gift). And while the blue chair still has a LOT of life left in it (Thank God), I think we have officially outgrown the corner chair. Luckily, we have a Rifton Activity Chair on its way and I am so excited about it I’m giddy. The rifton is a chair Abi uses at school and to have one at home will be a real gift. It can go all the way to the ground and stop at any place in between, allowing Abi to always be at the same level as her friends. Circle time? Check. Crafts at the tiny preschool tables? Check. Height of her friends when they stand? Check.

In addition to the blue chair and the Rifton, I’m looking for another form of seating that is a “lounging” option- something that keeps Abi in good alignment, but doesn’t require her to be sitting straight up. At the end of the day, you just want to hop on the couch and rest, but in Abi’s case, her body sinks into the cushions and before long all of her muscles are slumping in on one another and it’s just not a good option. Right now, if she’s tired I put her on a comfy palette on the floor with tons of blankets and a pillow, but the bigger she gets- the harder that will be to manage. I also want her to feel that she’s on furniture with the rest of the family.

So alas, here are some options:

First, I found this chair about a year ago:

FLAGHOUSE Bouncer Lounger . Bouncy Seat / Chair for special need adult and teens.: I like the fact that it bounces and I think Abi would really like kicking off the ground and/or having me bounce it.

Ideally, though, I would love it if it could be a piece of furniture that anyone could use. Maybe something like this:

I had one of these hanging in my bedroom when I was a kid though it hung from the ceiling.:


I like this because I could install a harness and straps on it, but I’m not sure about the positioning. I’m always thinking about her spine and I’m not convinced this would offer her enough support. I would have to go to a store and see her in it to know.

And lastly, THIS:

Image Via: Thriving Twenties:


A swinging day bed??!!! Who doesn’t want a swinging daybed in their living room? Not only would this be a good option for Abi, it would be great seating for anyone. Abi sits up so tall most of the day (with assistance from her chairs) that my primary goal for this piece is comfort and positioning. With this, she would not only be able to lounge, but with raised pillows, she could see the family and be on our level. I could add a removable gate for when I’m not in the room, and BONUS it SWINGS! How much fun is that?

The search continues but I think I’m narrowing in on something really awesome. I’ll let you know if I make any moves…

Happy Tuesday Friends