Another Day

Abi woke up this morning laughing. I’m not exactly sure how long she had been awake, but about an hour before my alarm was scheduled to go off, I woke up to the sound of her giggling hysterically. I looked at the monitor and she was out of site. I quickly hopped up and stumbled into her room to find her on the far side of her bed with her face pressed against the mesh barrier with a massive smile on her face. Abi sleeps in my old four-poster twin bed. It sits about 4 feet off the ground and given the fact that she loves to kick and scoot and roll to the sides, the mesh barrier is a necessity. (The other side is against a wall.)

I put her back in the center of the bed and after about twenty more minutes of giggling, I turned on her elmo “world music” songs. I thought she might enjoy listening to them while I began our morning routine. She became so immediately excited by the music that she nearly high-kicked right out of her pajamas. I actually had to ask her to stop dancing long enough for me to get her pants changed.

Two hours later we were at occupational therapy (where she rocked it), followed by feeding therapy where she masterfully ate a snap pea veggie straw and drank some water.

The rest of the day was spent snuggling, laughing, hanging out on the porch, watching Cat in the Hat, and dancing to the theme song of Curious George. Right now she is three feet away from me, snuggled up in her unzipped sleeping bag snoozing away on the living room floor. We are both in front of the fire and it’s making me so drowsy that I may just lay down beside her and call it a night. Who needs beds when you’ve got a fire and a sleeping bag, am I right?

Goodnight from Another Day