Abi’s First Time in a Pool: WaterWay Babies and Summer Swimming

We have always wanted to get Abi in a pool but we never seemed to be around one that was hot enough. So this year I bought a $25 inflatable pool and to our surprise, it was big enough for all of us to get in. So after two days of letting the water bake in the sun, adding 5 buckets of hot water from the tap, and 3 boiling pots of H2O, it was warm enough for Abi. Barely. She shivered the whole time, but thought it was hilarious and amazing.

Abi Swim

The next day, it was even warmer and we were able to let her get all the way in and float. Wouldn’t you know, she started kicking and playing. I was nervous to give her too much freedom but this waterway baby float was a HUGE help. (We used to bathe her in it before some friends gave us a bath chair.) The ring kept her head above water while her body floated. We were all in heaven! (This company also has a therapy pool you can use inside… super cool.)

waterway babies

I know a lot of people do aquatic therapy and love it. The clinic we go to once a week for OT and feeding therapy has thrown around the idea of adding a swimming pool and I’m all in favor! We’ve also thrown around the idea of getting a hot tub, but until then, these backyard pools (we added another because why not) are pretty amazing.

backyard inlatable pools

Happy Hot Days of Summer 🙂

Mary Susan