Wowzer. This weekend was a doozy. Not sure if it was the red pollen alert or a common cold gone off the deep end, but I haven’t felt that bad in years. After getting Abi to school on Friday, I came home, put my head on my desk, raised my arms above my head and typed without looking at the screen. Eventually, I surrendered and decided the right thing to do was just take a bubble bath and get in bed.

After a two hour nap, I managed the rest of the day fine, but by Friday night I was in full-on “’uh-oh” mode, and Saturday was a helluva lot worse.

I’m someone who hardly ever takes medicine, but this weekend, I was clinging to Dayquil like it was my job, and downing undiluted shots of Apple Cider Vinegar like a boss.

Thankfully, I got a full day of laying on the floor next to my girl, watching videos, and warming my achy muscles by the fire. We’ve both been in our pajamas since Friday and I’m hoping it’s a night of easy rest and full health in the AM.

The whole time I thought about mamas who get something worse like a stomach bug, while their KIDS have the same bug. I mean how? How do you do it? Bravo mamas… I hope I never have to know what that feels like…

For now, I’m about to start school work and I’m thankful for my patient gal and an immune system that seems to have kicked into high gear.