The Dreaded 1st Dentist Visit

Abi has always had phenomenal teeth. They are bright, have good spacing, and are super healthy. However, lately, there has been a build up of tartar that was hard to get off and her gums were getting more and more tender. We had worked so hard over the last few years in feeding therapy, to eliminate the anxiety with eating that my fear was a trip to the dentist might be so stressful it would cause us to regress. So we didn’t go. And now Abi is 5 and a half, has a loose tooth, a new one popping up behind it, and in need of a cleaning. While many do sedation dentistry- we have been avoiding that route since Abi had a terrifying experience with sedation after surgery years ago.

So alas, I called a dentist that mentioned “special needs dentistry” on their website, spoke with the receptionist about our unique situation, and scheduled an appointment for a free consultation.

Bonus #1: This office closes their doors from 12-1 and schedules appointments for those with special needs (that my need a low-stress environment) during that hour. Bingo.

Bonus #2: The dentist totally understood my concern and barely took a mirror to look inside her mouth – all while Sean and I tickled under her chin and stood beside her. No brushes, no lights, just easy-peeasy.

Bonus #3: Her teeth look great! What I thought was tartar is actually the body’s response to not chewing and it is a (insert fancy medical term I can’t remember here), natural coating meant to protect the teeth from cavities. How cool is the body?!

Bonus #4: No cavities.

Bonus #5: He will work with Abi at her pace. If it means we only clean 4 teeth at a time, and have to come back again and again, that’s what we will do.

Lastly, he’s speaking with her pediatrician about any additional concerns and then we’ll be off to the races. Woohoo!

Scary first dentist visit down.

This is us moments later- grabbing a bite to eat in the van and reveling in how brave our girl is and how beautiful her teeth are. 🙂

dentistWoohoo! Happy Friday Friends!

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