What an Exciting Time

What an exciting time. Last month I launched my Map Unknown Shop and was blown away by the response. No words.


It’s been so fun receiving pictures of women wearing or drinking out of my products all over the country. I really can’t get over it. It’s truly felt like a dream. Additionally, the past few weeks have been a fury as I have over 20 new products coming out for the holidays! Designing these gift items (for you or someone you love- including your kids’ teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc.) have been SO much fun.

I also have a brand new product coming out soon that I have been working on for 6 months or more. It was dreamed up one night in bed when I couldn’t sleep and I’m absolutely ecstatic to see it come to fruition. Hint: It’s for kids. It’s interactive. And I’m absolutely smitten with how it turned out. I’ll be uploading a video with me describing it as soon as it’s available for purchase, hopefully within the next 2 weeks. Whoop! Whoop!

Additionally, I’ve finally nailed down a topic for my dissertation and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a real gift to be focused on something I’m SO passionate about- and I can’t wait to get started. Many steps of writing, research, and approval are still in the pipeline before I can begin the actual study… or even discuss it, but I’m on top of the world to be pursuing this specific component of special education.

Lastly- Abi is LOVING school. She is rocking the full days and I couldn’t be more grateful. About halfway through the day she seems to be getting a stomach ache (we are working on this) but the nurse and her teacher assistants are so good to hook up the feeding tube, release air, (this is called venting) and thus give her some relief. What an enormous blessing to know that they can read her cues and take care of that issue without me.

Everyday Abi wakes up so happy to go to school and I can see why. Her team is amazing, and after having such an incredible preschool experience it is such a joy to have that enthusiasm and comfort continue into kindergarten.

Today in her folder I read that she is recognizing sight words and smiling huge when she gets it right. (Insert all the praise hands.)

Also… her friends at school made up a song for her (all on their own) and in the lyrics there is a designated time for each of them to give Abi a high-five.  This makes me so happy.

So many good things happening… SO MANY!