Back on the Wheel

mary-susan-pottery-wheelI’m so excited to be back at the wheel this week. I have LOVED pottery ever since high school and to have a wheel and kiln at my home is a massive dream come true. My old kiln (which I got off craigslist for $200) stopped heating properly last year and the cost of repairing it was probably going to exceed what I actually paid for it. So – about a year ago I started thinking about my dream kiln. It would be electronic (not run by melting cones), fairly small, and capable of running off of low-wattage. I did some research and picked out what I wanted- but it was way more than I wanted to pay… So I started searching craigslist- with no luck.

Then one day fairly out of the blue I felt that I needed to get on craigslist again; but this time I needed to search with different keywords. So I opened up the site, typed in the new terms, and VOILA- there sat my exact dream kiln- at the EXACT price I was hoping to pay, located right here in my small two stop-light town! I called Sean totally stunned. A few minutes later I emailed the mystery craigslist owner, asking if they still had it, without even bothering to sign my name. Two minutes later I got an email back from the seller saying, “Mary Susan? Is this you? This is your dog sitter.” HA! Crazy!

SO a total freak-out and a five-minute drive later and the kiln was mine.

THEN, a few months after that, an older woman my step-dad knows was getting rid of her MASSIVE kiln from the 70’s and I was able to get that one as well… FOR FREE! (Insert all the giddiness a girl can muster.) So- alas- I’ve got boocoos of reading material, manuals for days, and a pretty steep learning curve ahead of me but I’m excited for the challenge.


Mary Susan