The More Rain the Better.

It’s cold and rainy and I couldn’t be happier. I’m definitely a winter/fall kinda gal. Summer’s great (if you have water to jump into) and Spring is magical for the budding flowers and fresh air. But THIS, THIS is my golden hour. I’ve always been exceptionally good at hibernating, and I think the word “cozy” runs through my veins. Two things I can never have enough of: blankets and books.

Currently, I’m writing from my cozy chair, looking out the window at the frigid rain coming down, and drinking out of my “London Mug” Sean brought back for me (seemed an appropriate choice with today’s weather.)


I’ve always said I’d be a good candidate for living in Seattle- the more it rains- the happier I get.

This season doesn’t come without its share of unique side effects, however. While I think Abi loves being inside, reading books, and cuddling up next to the Christmas tree, the temperature drop is a noticeable change on numerous fronts. For one, we are nearing the time of year when I begin every day by throwing Abi’s (already dry) clothes in the dryer to warm them- and let her sleep in layer 1 of her next day’s attire. When Abi first came home her body was so used to the hot Ghanaian air that we kept her room at a raging 85 degrees. In the hospital I would pump the thermostat up to 85 and the doctor’s would walk in and would run to the thermostat mumbling about how it must be broken… I would say- “No, we like an indoor heat index of 90 degrees thank you…” As my husband sat in the corner in a t-shirt in the middle of October.

Now, Abi’s body does better with the cold but it still gets tense. Her therapists and I have noticed her muscles tend to tighten when the weather shifts- so 3 layers of clothes, a morning routine of freshly hot duds, and a blanket at school is just the way we roll.

Cheers to the cold, the rain, and staying warm.

God Speed

PS: I wrote this post this morning and put it aside for later. Well, this afternoon when Sean and I saw Abi rolling out in her wheelchair at school pickup, she was under a blanket (as expected) but she was also bundled up in something unfamiliar with a hood! As she got closer we could see it was a blanket poncho that one of her teacher assistants MADE HER! We had been brainstorming ways to make the winter easier without having to wrestle a coat on and off (difficult in a wheelchair with tight muscle tone) and one of our beloved TA’s found an idea and whipped one up! A blanket poncho that just slides right over her once she’s buckled in the chair! No wrestling! AND IT’S SO WARM!

I am absolutely beside myself. Plus it has doggy paw prints on the pattern. So touched and SO excited for this awesome way to keep our girl warm!

Pictures coming soon!