Just for the Halibut

This is an archived post from a personal blog in 2013.

Once upon a time I caught this lil’ guy. Other kids came back from vacation with a tan… I came back with a fishing story I didn’t have to exaggerate. Thanks Mom for choosing Alaskan fishing camp instead of Disney cruise.

98 pounds of pure muscle. And the fish was pretty strong too 🙂 But seriously. That halibut was 98 pounds.
(And yes, this is me brushing my shoulders off.)

I should also mention that we flew into the fishing camp in one of those planes that land in water, the entire island only had one family on it, there were whales that would come up beside the fishing boats, there were grizzlies on the island, and once while we were fishing, a neighbor radioed in (aka a family who lived on a nearby island) and said they were having problems with grizzlies and needed some assistance. So we went.  Alaska. Go big or go home right?

Mary Susan
PS: Don’t worry, we packaged that guy up and shipped him home.  We eat what we catch people.  Nothing that grand should die just for the halibut. *Badum.*