KixFriction: Awesome Soccer Balls for Adaptive PE!

I was lucky enough to receive two of these KixFriction balls this past fall and I’ve been really impressed. While this ball can certainly be used for typical training purposes, it can also serve as a really unique tool for adaptive PE classes. First, the KixFriction ball has rubber fins that cause it to roll at a slower pace.  This reduced speed allows athletes with special needs (who may benefit from having more time) reach the ball. Second, the bright neon colors can help those with visual impairments spot the ball more easily, and lastly, the tactile aspect of the rubber fins provides a unique sensory experience.  It’s always exciting to see an affordable way to promote inclusion in sports and PE.

Watch this one minute video to see what I mean:

Great for churches, schools, community centers, and camps to have on-site, what an AWESOME way to engage athletes of varying abilities. You can learn more about the kixfriction ball and/or purchase here. (THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I JUST LOVE THIS PRODUCT!)

Thanks for the awesome soccer balls Kixsports!