New Products Coming!

During this extra time at home after Abi’s hip surgery, (I’ve left 5 times in 6 weeks), I’ve been able to dream up new Map Unknown products and get to crackin’ with some awesome graphic designers. Some of the new samples have already shown up and I’m really excited about all these gems. In fact, a few of the new items have already made their way to the store, (I snuck them in early bc I love them so much) and the rest will find their way to the shelves very, very soon.

In the next month I’ll be announcing all the new products via the socialwebs HERE and HERE.  In the meantime, you can sign up to my email list to enjoy an immediate 10% off discount code. And as always, everyone on my list will receive a fun Super Major Exclusive Discount as soon as all the new products are unveiled.

Thanks for joining me on this little space of mine and I hope you’re having an awesome month!

Below are some of our current best sellers: