Good Gosh We’re Sleeping

As a kid, few activities made me feel as giddy as a game of Candyland. The colors, the spaces, the board… just LOOKING at the game made me crazy happy,  like swirls in pupils, cat wagging her tail, kinda crazy.

Well that’s how I feel when I think about our current sleeping situation.

After surgery we were getting an hour or two of sleep at a time, woken by screams and crying, and just… ugh. Can’t go back. For about 3(ish) weeks I slept in a sleeping bag beside her bed.

We would play EXCEPTIONALLY loud music to get through the night- because the louder the beat, the more it comforted Abi. We even moved a massive speaker into her room, which would pound right beside my head all.night.long. Honestly, I didn’t mind. I found it comforting too. Thank you Beyonce, Brothers Osborne, and Golden Girls Theme Song. #likemotherlikedaughter

If that didn’t work I would vacuum beside her bed because she has always liked the hum of the machine. In fact, one night Sean just left the vacuum on for hours beside them both as they slept. #whateverworks

Eventually it got to a point that the air mattress in the living room was more comfortable for Abi and her heavy cast- so for a few weeks while Abi slept on the air mattress, one of us would sleep on the couch beside her. Sean discovered that a sound machine app on his phone had a vacuum setting and so we blared that through a large speaker and sure enough it did wonders.

Then- one night about a week ago, after the cast was off and the spasms had waned, Abi all of a sudden wasn’t finding comfort on the air mattress. I decided on a whim to try her back in her bed, and… success. No loud music, no vacuum. Just sleep. Oh my gosh. I grabbed the monitor and continued to sleep on the couch because I simply found it easier to hop up and help if I wasn’t snoozing heavily in my dreamy bed. That one night turned into 2 and low and behold- she started sleeping 9 hours at a time. I was shocked.

Finally, about 4 nights ago I woke up on the couch at 3am, uncomfortable and cramped. After laying there trying to stretch my neck, I realized, “She’s slept straight for a few nights now. I’m going to my bed.” And for the first time since Sean left on tour I climbed back into bed and fell asleep.

Since then she’s been sleeping until 11 am or longer! (Moment of silence.) She goes to bed around midnight or 1 (she’s clearly in bed much earlier but that’s just when she falls asleep) and truthfully- that’s A-okay with me because I’m a night owl. If she’s up late with me, then we can BOTH sleep in the next day.

I’ve even woken up and had coffee and everything HOURS before she wakes. What???

Right now it’s half past midnight, I can hear her laughing in her bed, and I’m like, “Carry on sister. It’s summer. The later you’re up the later we sleep.” (Insert choir singing.)