A Recap of the Last 6(ish?) Months

Hmmm… not sure how it’s been this long since I posted last. But alas, life is so very good. I see I last wrote shortly after Abi’s hip dysplasia surgery. After an intense April to August, we emerged from the cave of recovery and Abi took her first non-medical related trip off the property in months to go to school for her first day of 1st grade. She’s been doing so well ever since.

School is amazing, therapies are going great, and overall our girl is rocking it.

We begin riding horses again next week (!!!), we had a fabulous fall, and super cozy Christmas here and on the mountain at my mom’s.  (We even hosted 14 members of our family for almost a week here at the house— complete with closets turned into sleeping nooks for kids, a tent in the Christmas decorated barn, and an RV. It was a dream for us.)

Right now, as I write this- sleet is falling outside and Abi is laying on her air mattress, cozied up with her baby dolls, staring out the window. It’s her first snow day of 2018 and we are luckily all home.

So for now, that’s all I got- but I’m excited to be back on the interwebs!


Mary Susan