assistive technology

Man Gives Away Free Software to Help Those W/ Communication Challenges via Eye-Gaze Device

This is amazing. I have a few friends who use similar eye-gazing devices to assist with communication and I love that this man not only developed the software (inspired by his aunt) but is also giving it away for free! How incredible. Unlike many […]

Educating a Child w/ Severe Special Needs: Abi’s Experience in the Public School System So Far

Abi’s experience in the public school system so far has been amazing. I know every system is different and I truly believe it’s the individual people in that system that build the journey. For that reason, everything I’m about to […]

IEP Meeting 2014 (ARCHIVED POST): Therapies, Inclusion & Assistive Technology

THIS IS AN ARCHIVED POST, ORIGINALLY POSTED ON A PERSONAL BLOG IN 2014. Last week we had our second annual IEP meeting. I can’t imagine how difficult that process might be for families when their school isn’t a ‘safe’ place […]